AL 63mm Constant Flow Nozzle (Branch Pipe with Pistol Grip - Handline Nozzle)
-Constant Flow Nozzle “UNILITE” having 2.5” size made of Aluminium Alloy hard anodized having male instantaneous flow discharge capacity Spinning Teeth provided at the outlet as above gives effective dense fog. A Pistol Grip Handle. As per NFPA 1964
132.58 132.58 USD
AL 63mm Aqua Foam Nozzle
Aluminium Hard Anodized aqua foam nozzle (size:63mm)
113.64 113.64 USD
63.63 63.63 USD
6.31 6.3100000000000005 USD
AL 63mm Coupling ISI
Aluminum 63MM Fire Hose Delivery Coupling as per IS:903 ISI Marked
6.94 6.94 USD
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AL 75mm Aqua Foam Nozzle
Aluminium 75mm (3") Aqua Foam Nozzle non-aspirating type and suitable for 2580 LPM Monitors with manual operation alongwith PVC Braided PICK-UP TUBE WITH STAINLESS
STEEL DIP TUBE suitable for manual operation.
131.81 131.81 USD
AL 50mm Hose Delivery Coupling

Aluminum Alloy 50mm Hose Delivery Coupling
5.52 5.5200000000000005 USD
ABC 1Kg Fire Extinguisher ISI - SAFETECH
(MAP 17 to 30%)
SKU SKU17294
This Is a Premium range of appliances available in ABC Powder, Pressurized with dry nitrogen gas. The contents are expelled by the release of pressure stored inside the body. The inbuilt pressure gauge indicates its readiness for use. ABC powder is one of the most versatile and highly effective agents suitable to combat fires involving wood,inflammable liquids, gases and electrical wiring . This extinguisher knocks down fire by beating and displacement of air.
7.89 7.890000000000001 USD
ABC 1Kg Fire Extinguisher ISI - KANEX
ABC Type Fire Extinguisher 1 Kg - Kanex

Extinguishing Agent - Mono Ammonium Phosphate (Generally know as ABC type Dry Chemical Powder)
14.05 14.05 USD
MS 63mm Water Monitor Stand Post Type

MS 63mm Stand Post Type Water Monitor

Available Options:
- Without Nozzle
- Aluminium Jet Nozzle
- Aqua Foam Nozzle made from Aluminum
150.50 150.5 USD
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AL 63mm Constant Flow Nozzle - AAAG Make
Supply of “AAAG” make CONSTANT
FLOW nozzle having 63mm male
inst. inlet and light weight (made of Al.
alloy hard anodized) with Pistol Grip
handle, Rubber Bumper, with a
capacity flow adjustable from 500LPM
LPM@7kg/cm2 made of AL. ALLOY
134.16 134.16 USD
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17.05 17.05 USD
AFFF Mechanical Foam 9Ltr Fire Extinguisher -ISI- Kanex
KANEX 9 ltr. Mechanical Foam stored pressure type Fire Extinguisher filled with AFFF Foam confirms to IS 4989 (Part-II). Applicable fire class A & B, UTGS Pressure Gauge, Gross Weight 12 Kg, empty weight 4.3 Kg, Can Height 575mm, Diameter 180 ± 10mm, Discharge Time 35 Sec, Controllable discharge mechanism, Jet Range 7 Meters, Average Discharge is 95%, Fire Rating- 4A:144B, Can Construction : Deep drawn & CO2 Mig welded, Controllable discharge mechanism with EPDM Hose & Air aspirated Nozzle, External Pure polyester powder coated (UV resistant) and Internal Plastic lining, Brass forged valves with safety Pin is of SS material, Sheet metal thickness : 2 mm, As pe IS 15683:2018 and ISI Marked.
62.03 62.03 USD
1,183.72 1183.72 USD
ABC 2kg Fire Extinguisher - ISI Marked - SAFETECH
(MAP 17 to 30%)

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher 2 Kg capacity with ISI Mark as per IS 15683 (Safetech Make)

Extinguishing Agent - Mono Ammonium Phosphate (Generally know as ABC type Dry Chemical Powder)
9.47 9.47 USD