ABC 6kg Fire Extinguisher ISI - SAFETECH
18.21 18.21 18.21 USD
(MAP 17 to 30%)

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher 6 Kg - Safetech

with ISI Mark as per IS 15683 (Safetech make)
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GM 63mm Coupling ISI
39.29 39.29 39.29 USD
GM 63mm Hydrant Valve ISI
0.00 0.0 USD
Devraj Make Gunmetal 63mm Hydrant Valve (Oblique Pattern Landing Valve - Single Headed) with Instantaneous Outlet bearing ISI Mark as per IS 5290

Available in the following variants
OD - 200mm, 185mm, 190.5mm
PCD - 160mm, 145mm, 152.4mm
Thickness - 12mm, 18mm
Electrical Hose Binding Machine
1,341.59 1,341.59 1341.59 USD
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RRLA 63mm Hose Pipe ISI Type A (Type 1) - SAFEWORLD (Set)
38.65 38.65 38.65 USD

As per IS 636 Type-1 (Type A as per old standard)
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ABC 4kg Fire Extinguisher ISI - FIREAGE
15.49 15.49 15.49 USD
FIREAGE BRAND Dry Chemical Powder (Stored Pressured Type) 4 Kg capacity, Mono Ammonium Phosphate Powder conforming to IS:14609, Nitrogen Pressurized, Controllable discharge Mechanics, Pressure Gauge, Discharge Hose & Nozzle. Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated as per IS: 15683 ISI Mark Fire extinguishers.. Fire Rating (2A, 21B), Operating Temperature (-) 20°C to (+) 55°C. Suitable for "A", “B” & “C” Class of FIRE. Extinguisher conforming to IS: 15683 with ISI mark.
ABC 6kg Fire Extinguisher ISI - FIREAGE
17.72 17.72 17.72 USD
FIREAGE Brand Dry Chemical powder(Stored Pressured Type) 6Kg capacity, Mono Ammonium Phosphate powder conforming to IS:14609, Nitrogen Pressurized, Controllable discharge Mechanism, Pressure Gauge, Discharge Hose & Nozzle. Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated as per IS: 15683 ISI Mark Fire extinguishers. Fire Rati (3A,34B), Operating Temperature (-)20°C to(+ ) 55°C. suitable for A, “B” “C” Class of FIRE. Extinguisher conforming to IS: 15683 with ISI mark.
CI 80mm Butterfly valve PN-16 - HONEYWELL
39.61 39.61 39.61 USD
Honeywell Manual Butterfly Valve, Handlever Operated, CI Body, DI Disc, PN16,
Wide Size range (DN50…DN900)
• Operated by Lever or Gear Box.
• 90 deg opening/closing operation.
• Cast iron Body with powder coating.
• Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron disc.
• Wafer type Connection
CI 80mm Butterfly Valve PN16-Zoloto
28.91 28.91 28.91 USD
AFFF Mechanical Foam 9Ltr Fire Extinguisher -ISI- Kanex
75.38 75.38 75.38 USD
KANEX 9 ltr. Mechanical Foam stored pressure type Fire Extinguisher filled with AFFF Foam confirms to IS 4989 (Part-II). Applicable fire class A & B, UTGS Pressure Gauge, Gross Weight 12 Kg, empty weight 4.3 Kg, Can Height 575mm, Diameter 180 ± 10mm, Discharge Time 35 Sec, Controllable discharge mechanism, Jet Range 7 Meters, Average Discharge is 95%, Fire Rating- 4A:144B, Can Construction : Deep drawn & CO2 Mig welded, Controllable discharge mechanism with EPDM Hose & Air aspirated Nozzle, External Pure polyester powder coated (UV resistant) and Internal Plastic lining, Brass forged valves with safety Pin is of SS material, Sheet metal thickness : 2 mm, As pe IS 15683:2018 and ISI Marked.
Fire Resistant Door 1860mm(W)x2570mm(H) - Double Leaf
733.08 733.08 733.08 USD
Fire Resistant Door hinge type 2 hrs fire rating with shutter designed and manufactured from 1.2 mm thick GI sheet duly affixed with internal stiffeners to mount accessories and internally insulated with fire-resistant insulation material and panel having an overall thickness of 45 mm. The frame is fabricated from 1.6 mm thick GI sheet having a single rebate having profile size of 125 x 65 mm with necessary stiffeners and duly treated with zinc etch primer with a coating of surface and final finish of powder coating as asked in the technical specifications. The entire door with frame is fabricated and manufactured as per BS 476 / IS 3614 to provide with integrity, stability and thermal insulation.
CI 100mm Deluge Valve Set - HD Make
1,073.27 1,073.27 1073.27 USD
Black Safety Goggles KARAM - Make (ES001)
1.04 1.04 1.04 USD
Features :- Light weight, hard coated for scratch resistance UV resistance.
Application :- Suitable for Construction sites where sand & large dust particles are blowing at high speed. Metal processing work grinding, scooter riding, agriculture etc.
CI 80mm Foot Valve-Ball Type - NORMAX Make
42.96 42.96 42.96 USD
New generation valve with unique and non-conventional design.
This valve is offered in one side threaded and other side strainer design.
Suitable for a very wide range of applications like slurry, sewage, paper,
chemical, water supply, agriculture, muddy water, slurry, paper stock,
viscous liquid and clear water. Robust and very simple mechanism.
A floating reinforced rubber coated ball is used instead of hinge-pin-disc.
Highly sensible to arrest flow with perfect sealing. Very low head loss .
Non clogging and self cleaning mechanism .
Installation can be vertically or horizontally. Operates silently upto 80 oC
MS 50mm Hose Clamp
0.00 0.0 USD
Clean Agent 4kg (Stored Pressure) HFC 236fa Fire Extinguisher - Kanex
191.66 191.66 191.66 USD
KANEX 4 kg Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers filled with HFC Based gas electrically nonconductive non corrosive, colorless and non-residual gas, Applicable classes A, B, C, and electrical fires, UGTS Pressure Gauge, Gross Weight 6.7 Kg, empty Weight 2.7 Kg, Can Height 490mm, Diameter 140 ± 10mm, Discharge Time 14 Sec, Controllable discharge mechanism, Jet Range 3.5 Meters, Average Discharge is 95%, Deep Drawn with MIG Welding technology, EPDM Rubber Hose with Special Aluminum Discharge Nozzle, External Coting Pure Polyester Powder (UV resitant), Internal Coating Epoxy Polyester Powder, Brass forged valves with safety Pin is of SS, Fire rating 2A : 34B. Confirms to IS 15683 & ISI marked
BR 10mm Ball Valve PN 16 -Zoloto
4.96 4.96 4.96 USD
CO2 6.5 Kg Fire Extinguisher -KANEX
108.12 108.12 108.12 USD
KANEX 6.5 kg CO2 High Pressure trolly mounted Fire Extinguisher, filled with Co2 Gas as per IS
15222, Gross Weight 25 Kg, empty weight 18.5 Kg, Control discharge mechanism fitted with 1.5 Meter
Wire Braided Hose & Flat Horn with Diffuser Nozzle for dispersed discharge of CO2, Discharge
Time 25 Sec, Average Discharge is 95%, applicable on Class B, C and electrically started
Fire, Internal coating is not applicable & External coating is of enamel spray painting, Valve Confirm
to IS 3224 ISI Marked, CO2 Cylinder construction: hot spinning by seamless pipes & bearing ISI mark,
Body confirms to IS 7285 and PESO APPROVED, Extinguishers confirmed to IS 16018:2012 and ISI
maked. Fire Rating: 55B