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Sprinkler System

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Sprinkler irrigation is a system in which water is applied through sprinklers and distributed through pipelines to the field. This flexible and reliable system provides uniform water application over the entire field.

Fire Sprinkler Set
0.00 0.0 USD
GM 50mm Sight Glass
0.00 0.0 USD
GM 25mm Sight Glass
11.92 11.92 11.92 USD
GI 100mm Patti Clamp
0.47 0.47 0.47000000000000003 USD
DI 150mm Alarm valve - UL Listed, FM Approved - HD Model H
449.84 449.84 449.84000000000003 USD
MS Chrome Plated Sprinkler Guard wire type
1.27 1.27 1.27 USD
SS Sprinkler Guard
GI 25x80mm Nipple
0.00 0.0 USD
GI 25x80mm Nipple (Made from C-Class Pipe)