Running hydrants will increase water flow through the system. Flushing will not interrupt your water service; however, it is common to see a drop in water pressure while crews are doing work in your area. If pressure seems low after flushing is finished, check your faucet for trapped particles.

NAB 50MM Hydrant Valve ( Handle Type )
200.06 200.06 200.06 USD
CI 63mm Hydrant Valve - SS Working Parts
28.95 28.95 28.95 USD
SS 63mm Non Return Valve (NRV)
9.31 9.31 9.31 USD
MS 100mm Flange (PCD-180, OD-220)-15mm
6.89 6.89 6.890000000000001 USD
CI 63mm Hydrant valve - GM Working Parts
32.05 32.05 32.05 USD
SS Orifice Plate 6mm
0.00 0.0 USD
RB 65mm Gasket (For Comm Hydrant)
0.52 0.52 0.52 USD