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What is an clean agent fire extinguisher?

A clean agent is any type of fire extinguishing agent that is electrically non-conductive, volatile, or gaseous, and that does not leave a residue upon evaporation. Clean agent fire suppression systems make use of an inert gas or chemical that is stored in a container and discharged when a fire is detected.

Clean Agent 4kg (Stored Pressure) HFC 236fa Fire Extinguisher - Kanex
KANEX 4 kg Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers filled with HFC Based gas electrically nonconductive non corrosive, colorless and non-residual gas, Applicable classes A, B, C, and electrical fires, UGTS Pressure Gauge, Gross Weight 6.7 Kg, empty Weight 2.7 Kg, Can Height 490mm, Diameter 140 ± 10mm, Discharge Time 14 Sec, Controllable discharge mechanism, Jet Range 3.5 Meters, Average Discharge is 95%, Deep Drawn with MIG Welding technology, EPDM Rubber Hose with Special Aluminum Discharge Nozzle, External Coting Pure Polyester Powder (UV resitant), Internal Coating Epoxy Polyester Powder, Brass forged valves with safety Pin is of SS, Fire rating 2A : 34B. Confirms to IS 15683 & ISI marked
186.41 186.41 USD
Clean Agent 6kg (FE-36) Type Fire Extinguisher - SAFEX Make
-SAFEX Make Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher 6Kgs. Capacity
complete Charge With Dupont FE-36 Gas Only. The Extinguisher
will be Manufactured Strictly as per BIS: 15683: 2018 bearing
ISI. Mark.
244.85 244.85 USD