Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.

Designing Fire System is art and science both.

A very obvious question comes in mind of every prospect.

What can go wrong if Fire System is not designed properly.

Few of our past prestigious projects. 

Fire System Design Consultancy or Adequecy Audit

Do I really need a design consultancy services for Fire System?

This question is like - We want to build a house, do we need an architect? 

We can always carry out work without help of such professionals, but we have to be prepared for risk factors like...

Unclear Requirements:

  • We have to work as per the requirement perceived of vendors/

    suppliers, which can be biased and/or filtered and/or incomplete

    and/or Half-baked.

  • This can also lead to confusion as different providers can come up with different solution.

  Improper Budgeting/Estimate:

  • This may cause unforeseen/ incremental/ contingency costs at 

    unpredictable time.

  • This may cause undesirable stress in justifying revised requirement.

  • This may unnecessarily delay the project.

  •  This can result into Loss of tender (Opportunity) or Loss in tender (Higher cost then quoted) if quoted on the basis of the same.

No inputs on the best engineering practices

Designing Blunders What can go wrong?

Improper Pump Selection or incorrect Pumproom layout

This is observed as a very usual and very expensive mistake done. Wrong pump selection may end up either insufficient flow and pressure at the time of actual fire or non-functional system in long run. 

Insufficient Water Storage or Improper Tank Design

This is another common mistake done while designing Fire Sytem. In-sufficient water storage will end up very little time to fight the fire in case of atual fire incedence and wastage of money invested in expensive fire system. 

Wrong Pipe Sizing or incorrect provision of valves

Wrong pipe sizing will cause in-sufficient flow and pressure of water at the tip of the nozzle. Each and every outlets are designed to get optimum discharge and rated pressure so none of the area remains unattended. 

Insufficient or Single Side Coverage

Wrong pipe sizing will cause in-sufficient flow and pressure of water at the tip of the nozzle. Each and every outlets are desinged to get optimum discharge and rated pressure so none of the area remains unattended. 

Incorrect selection of Material

Material selection is a major factor which is being manipluated by many players to show the overall cost of project low. This can be very expensive in long run. 

Incorrect methodology of installation

Methodology of installation and workmanship plays a major role in life of any system. Incorrect methodology may invite frequent problems in the system. 

Confirming with Prevailing Norms / Standards / Codes / Statutory laws of compliences

Many times it comes as a surprise after the whole erection is done that the system installed is not as per the required standards/norms. This can be very expensive at times as meeting the statutory laws is a time bound affair. 

Latest and Best Engineering Practices

Many times one may have to miss the latest and best engineering practices which could be applied without any additional cost many times and can give long term benefits. 

Our Prestigious Projects

Gujarat Vidhan Sabha

(Legeislative Assembly)

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Sprinkler System

  • Fire Detection System

Gujarat High Court

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Fire Detection System

  • Water Mist System

Tuticorin Port

  • Fire Hydrant System on Port as well as on Jetty

  • Foam System

Bharat Dimond Bourse

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Sprinker System

  • Fire Detection System

Adani Wilmar Ltd (Mundra & Kadi Plant)

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Sprinker System

  • Spray System

Gujarat Industrial Power Corporation Ltd Vadodara

  • Fire Hydrant System

Central Electronics Engineering Resarch Institute, Pilani

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Fire Detection System

Unimark Remedies, Ahmedabad & Vapi

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Sprinkelr System

  • Fire Detection System

RSWM (Rajasthan Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd) - LNJ Group, Kharigram (Gulabpura)

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Sprinkelr System

  • Fire Detection System

And many more....

Types of Service Provided

Designing Fire System 

We can provide Design Engineering Consultancy Services to design any Fire System from scratch OR Design Adequacy Check for any Industrial, Commercial or Residential establishment as per...

  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

  • FM Global

  • TAC

  • NBC (National Building Code - India)

  • Any other Local Fire Authority Norms

Presentable Drafting or Designing Fire System under Guidance

We provide drafting services for fire systems also wherein designing is already done on paper fully/partially and the presentable design would be provided in softcopy in desirable software. Here, we provide a draftsman who has fair know-how about the fire systems and who can work on quick instructions. 

Hydraulic Calculations for Fire System

H ydraulic calculations  are used to determine the flow of liquids through a medium (usually a piping network) to ensure that  fires  can be adequately controlled .

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