Fire Resistant Door 1860mm(W)x2570mm(H) - Double Leaf
Fire Resistant Door hinge type 2 hrs fire rating with shutter designed and manufactured from 1.2 mm thick GI sheet duly affixed with internal stiffeners to mount accessories and internally insulated with fire-resistant insulation material and panel having an overall thickness of 45 mm. The frame is fabricated from 1.6 mm thick GI sheet having a single rebate having profile size of 125 x 65 mm with necessary stiffeners and duly treated with zinc etch primer with a coating of surface and final finish of powder coating as asked in the technical specifications. The entire door with frame is fabricated and manufactured as per BS 476 / IS 3614 to provide with integrity, stability and thermal insulation.
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Black Safety Goggles KARAM - Make (ES001)
Features :- Light weight, hard coated for scratch resistance UV resistance.
Application :- Suitable for Construction sites where sand & large dust particles are blowing at high speed. Metal processing work grinding, scooter riding, agriculture etc.
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CI 80mm Foot Valve-Ball Type - NORMAX Make
New generation valve with unique and non-conventional design.
This valve is offered in one side threaded and other side strainer design.
Suitable for a very wide range of applications like slurry, sewage, paper,
chemical, water supply, agriculture, muddy water, slurry, paper stock,
viscous liquid and clear water. Robust and very simple mechanism.
A floating reinforced rubber coated ball is used instead of hinge-pin-disc.
Highly sensible to arrest flow with perfect sealing. Very low head loss .
Non clogging and self cleaning mechanism .
Installation can be vertically or horizontally. Operates silently upto 80 oC
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BR Ball Valve PN 16 -Zoloto
- Screwed Female Ends to IS 554 / BS 21/ ISO 7.
- Full Bore, Two Piece Design.
- Quarter Turn, Level Operated.
- Provided with Forged Brass Hard Chrome Plated Ball.
- Premium Quality PTFE Gland Packing and Seating.
- Chrome Finish.

- Test Pressure (Hydrostatic)
Shell : 25 kg/cm2g (350psig)
Seat : 16 kg/cm2g (225 psig)
- Maximum Working Temperature : 220 C

Suitable For - Water, Oil
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Safety Shower Hand and Foot Operated
- Made from highly visibly yellow anti
- Corrosive medium duty GI pipe B grade
- Receptor bowl made from ABS plastic weight yellow colour
- Weight 16.3 kg
- Tested At 30 PSI pressure 110 ltr.
- Flow of water per minute
- Floor flange Dia. 200
140.25 140.25 USD
Vinyl Hand Gloves
90 Nos in One Box
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CI Sluice Valve Non Rising Spindle PN-10 Zoloto
- Design Reference Standard IS 14846 PN 1.0.
- Bolted Bonnet, Inside Screw, Non - Rising Stem.
- Rigid and Sturdy design.
- Hand Wheel Operated.
- Flanged Ends as per IS 1538.
- Maximum Working Temperature : 45 C
Suitable for - Water
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CI Sluice Valve PN-10 LEADER Make
GR FG-200)Bolted Bonnet,
Inside Screw,Non- Rising Stem,Renewable Seat, Solid
Wedge,Cu - alloy ,
Stem SS IS 6603 (12 Cr. 13), Lubricated Hemp and
Jute, Carbon Steel
(IS : 1367) ,Rubber (IS 638 Type B),Flanges as per
IS:1538,PN 1.0 FF (Drilled)
As Per IS 14846B.T.P. -1.5 MPa Hyd.,: S.T.P. - 1.0 MPa
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Leather Welding Hand Gloves – Heavy Duty
HG L12 Leather Hand Gloves 18" DPP Heavy Duty
Hand Gloves made from soft and flexible 1 to 1.2 mm even thickness Chrome (Split) Leather with Five Fingers or Mitton Type in Double palm. Size available from 12" to 24"
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PVC Suit with Hood Make - Sole safe
-Made from heavy duty laminated Bright Yellow colour PVC material which is leak proof also.
-Acid / Alkali proof and very ideal against chemical splashes.
-It consists of Hood, Visor (replaceable) free size Pant and Coat with either zip or button and also available in Boiler Suit style. Complete suit in high frequency welded.
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SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) Set
-200 BAR ISI Mark steel cylinder (6 liter water capacity / 1200 liter compressed air)  Complete with face piece, Demand valve, Reducer, Low & high pressure tube, Pressure gauge, Back plate & whistle. (PESO & BIS Approved cylinder with EN approved Kit.)
HSN Code:- 90200000
535.88 535.88 USD