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Design Parameters
Size 63mm (2 1/2") 63mm (2 1/2") 50mm (2")
Inlet Flanged Flanged Flanged
Outlet Female Instantaneous Female Instantaneous Female Instantaneous
Flange OD 185mm 185mm 160mm
Lugs Pull Push Type (BR)
Flange Thickness 12mm 11mm
Flange PCD 145mm 145mm 110mm
Number of Holes in Flange 4 4 4
Hole Diameter / Internal Diameter 16mm
Flange ID (Bore Dia) 63mm (2 1/2") 63mm (2 1/2") 50mm (2")
MoC (Material of Construction)
MOC - Body/All Parts Cast Iron Cast Iron Gunmetal
Outlet Adaptor Single Pull Type Lug Adaptor
Rubber Washer/Ring Natural Rubber
Spring Brass
Other Working Parts Stainless Steel Gunmetal Gunmetal
Plunger Brass
Chain GI GI
MOC Wheel Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron
Spindle Stainless Steel Brass Brass
Male Blank Cap PVC Blank Cap PVC Blank Cap PVC Blank Cap
Inspection Parameters
Seat Pressure 14kg/cm2
Test Pressure 14 kg/cm2 10 kg/cm2 14 kg/cm
Working Pressure 7 Kg/Cm2 7 Kg/Cm2 7 Kg/Cm2
Body Painted Red Painted Red Powder Coated Red
Other Parts Buff Polished Buff Polished Buff Polished
Wheel Painted Black Painted Black Painted Black
Guarantee (From Manufacturing Defect) 1 year 1 year 1 year