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Design Parameters
Pickup Arrangement With In-built Pickup Arrangement
Design Standard (General Reference) IS 2097 IS 2097
Size 63mm (2 1/2") 63mm (2 1/2")
Inlet Male Instantaneous Male Instantaneous
Outlet Foam Discharge pipe Foam Discharge pipe
MoC (Material of Construction)
MOC - Body/All Parts Aluminium Aluminium
MoC - Inlet Inlet - Gunmetal Inlet - Gunmetal
Ventury Gun Metal Gun Metal
Pick-up Tube PVC Braided Pipe
Rubber Washer/Ring Natural Rubber Natural Rubber
Other Working Parts Aluminium Aluminium
MOC Wheel Aluminium
Functional Parameters
Throw 18 Meter Jet 18 Meter Jet
Pickup Tube With Pickup Tube
Basket 10 Times
Flow (in LPM) 450 to 500 LPM
Inspection Parameters
Working Pressure 7 Kg/Cm2 7kg / cm2
External Parts Painted Red, Powder Coated Red, Powder Coated Yellow Painted Red, Powder Coated Red, Powder Coated Yellow
ISI Marked? No
Guarantee (From Manufacturing Defect) 1 year