Patient should at all times use triple layer medical mask. Discard mask after 8 hours of use or earlier

if they become wet or visibly soiled. In the event of care giver entering the room, both care giver

and patient may consider using N 95 mask.

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N95 Nose Masks
-White Colour N95 Mask 5 Layer With Nose Clip Good Quality
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Washable Cotton Mask (White)
Washable Cotton Mask (White)

Note: For bulk quantity, any colour avaialable
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Washable Cotton Mask (Green)
Washable Cotton Masks

Note: For bulk quantity, any colour available
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Washable Cotton Mask (Dark Green)
Washable Cotton Mask (Dark Green)

Note: For Bulk Quantity any colour avaialable
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9004IN Nose Masks 3M Make
ISI Mark With Nose Clip White Colour Mask
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Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)-Resguardo Make
Emergency Escape breathing DeviceAluminium Cylinder- PESO Approved,
Valve- PESO Approved with regulator,
pressure gauge, complete cover, quick
operation with bag open design.
Duration: 10 Minutes CE Approved; EN
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SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) Set 6 Ltr 200 Bar Steel Cylinder - Solvin Make
-200 BAR ISI Mark steel cylinder (6 liter water capacity / 1200 liter compressed air)  Complete with face piece, Demand valve, Reducer, Low & high pressure tube, Pressure gauge, Back plate & whistle. (PESO & BIS Approved cylinder with EN approved Kit.)
HSN Code:- 90200000
Working Duration: 30 Mins
533.71 533.71 USD