Covid 19

What are some ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

• Avoid touching surfaces, especially in public settings or health facilities, in case people infected with COVID-19 have touched them. Clean surfaces regularly with standard disinfectants.

• Frequently clean your hands with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.

Covid Pro Complete Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles
Covid Pro
Made with P.C.
Use to protect eyes from covid and any type of virus infection
keep eyes and secure.

0.29 0.29 USD
0.11 0.11 USD
Latex Examination Gloves - Prepowdered (ASTMD-3578)
MOQ : 25000 Pieces

Rate Per PIeces
0.06 0.06 USD
Surgical Gloves
Rates mentioned are for one piece. For pair, please consider double the rates.
0.06 0.06 USD
Chemical Side Dot Goggles
-This safety goggle is made with pure polycarbonate(P.C.) material to cover eyes and keep them safe.
-Mostly used in factories.
-It is also used to protect eyes from covid19 and any type of virus.
0.37 0.37 USD
Disposable Nitrile Gloves - Powder Free
Latex Free
Fingertips textured
For Single use
0.07 0.07 USD

MOQ : 25000 Pieces

Rate Per PIeces

0.08 0.08 USD
0.51 0.51 USD
0.20 0.2 USD
0.33 0.33 USD
0.66 0.66 USD
0.43 0.43 USD
0.94 0.9400000000000001 USD
1.34 1.34 USD
0.09 0.09 USD
0.11 0.11 USD
1.50 1.5 USD
2.29 2.29 USD
N95 Nose Masks
-White Colour N95 Mask 5 Layer With Nose Clip Good Quality
0.11 0.11 USD
2.17 2.17 USD
Washable Cotton Mask (White)
Washable Cotton Mask (White)

Note: For bulk quantity, any colour avaialable
0.13 0.13 USD
8.29 8.290000000000001 USD
0.14 0.14 USD
5.05 5.05 USD
Washable Cotton Mask (Green)
Washable Cotton Masks

Note: For bulk quantity, any colour available
0.19 0.19 USD
7.35 7.3500000000000005 USD
PVC Suit with Hood Make - Sole safe
-Made from heavy duty laminated Bright Yellow colour PVC material which is leak proof also.
-Acid / Alkali proof and very ideal against chemical splashes.
-It consists of Hood, Visor (replaceable) free size Pant and Coat with either zip or button and also available in Boiler Suit style. Complete suit in high frequency welded.
11.77 11.77 USD