Fire Hydrant System

Running hydrants will increase water flow through the system. Flushing will not interrupt your water service; however, it is common to see a drop in water pressure while crews are doing work in your area. If pressure seems low after flushing is finished, check your faucet for trapped particles.

GM 63mm Hydrant Valve ISI
Devraj Make Gunmetal 63mm Hydrant Valve (Oblique Pattern Landing Valve - Single Headed) with Instantaneous Outlet bearing ISI Mark as per IS 5290

Available in the following variants
OD - 200mm, 185mm, 190.5mm
PCD - 160mm, 145mm, 152.4mm
Thickness - 12mm, 18mm
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GM 63mm Hydrant Valve Bib Nose Type
Devraj Make Gunmetal 63mm Hydrant Valve Bib Nose Type
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NAB 63mm Hydrant Valve
Marine Nickel Aluminium Bronze Fire Hydrant valves, Globe SD- Angle with suction side flanged end and discharge male threaded end fitted with Double pull Morris female coupling with NAB cap & 3mm SS Chain as per DIN std, PN16. Working Pressure: 09 bar.
Material: Body: Nickel Al-Bronze (NES 747 part-2), Internals (Disc, seat, spindle: Nickel Al-Bronze (NES 747 part-2), Internal fasteners: NAB.
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