BR 12mm MV (Medium Velocity) Spray Nozzles

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  • Spray Angle
  • MOC - Body/All Parts
  • External Parts
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Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle is used in deluge water spray system. It is a Non-automatic fixed pattern external deflector. It is a solid cone discharge in the opposite direction of the water inlet. It is a combination of different orifices & spray angle

Available Variants
- K Factor: K18, K22, K30, K41, K64, K102, K91, K51, K26, K79
- Spray Angle: 120 degree, 110 degree
- Finish: Buff Polished, chrome-plated

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30-day money-back guarantee
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Specifications for BR 12mm MV (Medium Velocity) Spray Nozzles

Design Parameters
K Factor K18 or K22 or K30 or K41 or K64 or K102 or K91 or K51 or K26 or K79
Spray Angle Spray Angle 120 degree or Spray Angle 110 degree or Spray Angle 100 degree
MoC (Material of Construction)
MOC - Body/All Parts Brass
External Parts Buff Polished or Chrome Plated