Fire Fighting Equipment

All you would like to know about fire fighting equipment

If your building features fire sprinklers, chances are good you also need a fire pump. This machine ensures every sprinkler in the building receives enough water to extinguish a fast-growing blaze. If the pressure drops, the fire pump turns on automatically to increase the water flow to an adequate level.

Water pressure is most likely to be a problem in high-rises, large buildings, and structures with ground-level water tanks. These types of properties need fire pumps the most, though we install them in other buildings as well.

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GM 63mm Hydrant Valve ISI
Devraj Make Gunmetal 63mm Hydrant Valve (Oblique Pattern Landing Valve - Single Headed) with Instantaneous Outlet bearing ISI Mark as per IS 5290

Available in the following variants
OD - 200mm, 185mm, 190.5mm
PCD - 160mm, 145mm, 152.4mm
Thickness - 12mm, 18mm
68,39 68.39 USD
AL 63mm Inline Inductor (Flange type)
Aluminium 63mm (65mm) Fixed Inline Inductor (Flange type) having Flange Size 2 1/2" as per ANSI 16.5 150# (or as per request) with suitable Foam Inlet for specified induction rate.
107,65 107.65 USD
58,26 58.26 USD
GM 63mm Nozzle Spanner as per IS 903
Gun Metal Nozzle Spanner
7,92 7.92 USD
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86,12 86.12 USD
1,90 1.9000000000000001 USD
10,29 10.290000000000001 USD
Camlock Coupling Type -A (Male Adapters With Female Threads) SS 304
-Type -A Camlock adaptors are having female thread and they are normally used with Type -D, Type -B, Type -C Type -DC (Dust Cap) Coupler of same size
1,19 1.19 USD
AL 63mm Double Stand Pipe
Aluminum Alloy 63mm Double Stand Pipe

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Camlock Coupling Type -B (Female Coupler With Male Threads) SS304
Type -B Camlock coupling are having male thread and they are normally used with Type -A, Type -F, Type -E and Type -DP (Dust Plug) adaptors of same size.
4,35 4.3500000000000005 USD
BR 63mm Right Angle Hydrant Valve

GM 63mm Right Angle Hydrant Valve
83,59 83.59 USD