Fire Fighting Equipment

All you would like to know about fire fighting equipment

If your building features fire sprinklers, chances are good you also need a fire pump. This machine ensures every sprinkler in the building receives enough water to extinguish a fast-growing blaze. If the pressure drops, the fire pump turns on automatically to increase the water flow to an adequate level.

Water pressure is most likely to be a problem in high-rises, large buildings, and structures with ground-level water tanks. These types of properties need fire pumps the most, though we install them in other buildings as well.

38,82 38.82 USD
GM 63mm Hydrant Valve ISI
Devraj Make Gunmetal 63mm Hydrant Valve (Oblique Pattern Landing Valve - Single Headed) with Instantaneous Outlet bearing ISI Mark as per IS 5290

Available in the following variants
OD - 200mm, 185mm, 190.5mm
PCD - 160mm, 145mm, 152.4mm
Thickness - 12mm, 18mm
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1 325,60 1325.6000000000001 USD
RRLA 63mm Hose Pipe ISI Type A (Type 1) - SAFEWORLD (Set)

As per IS 636 Type-1 (Type A as per old standard)
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SS 100mm Stand Post type WATER FOAM MONITOR
Stand Post type WATER FOAM MONITOR made of stainless Steel having 100mm Barrel Size & 100mm ASA150# flanged inlet, with a flow capacity of 3500lpm@7kg/cm² as per IS:- 8442 type “I” with GUN METAL Swivel Joints and self-induc ting non-aspirating type and AL. ALLOY AQUA FOAM Nozzle suitable for manual operation alongwith PVC PICK-UP TUBE WITH STAINLESS STEEL DIP TUBE suitable for manual operation.
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SS 63mm water Curtain Nozzle (SS Round Plate)
Instantaneous Male Inlet - Stainless Steel Conforming to Grade 1 or 4 of IS : 3444 : 1999
Deflector Plate : SS 304 , Thickness Mimimum 5 mm
Washer : IS 937
The Curtain range angle should be 160 -180 degree
The operating Pressure should be 5 to 12 kg (f) / Cm2
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The nozzle shall be designed to provide a constant pressure of 100 PSI over the flow range between 70 – 200 GPM. The nozzle shall be able to allow for Straight Stream to Wide Fog patterns.
The nozzle shall have arrangements to flush without shutting down the flow. The nozzle shall be built from Hard Anodized Aluminium Alloy for excellent corrosion protection.
The nozzle shall have a pistol type grip which should provide excellent grip of the nozzle for fire fighters wearing gloves or using it bare handed. The shall have a Delrin / Non Metallic Ball Valve type mechanism for flow control.
The nozzle shall have a protective bumper at the top along with a Nylon Type teeth ring. The inlet of the nozzle shall be 63 mm British Standard Type Male Inst. Connection and shall have an inlet strainer of Stainless Steel to restrict the debris entering the nozzle flow stream.
The nozzle shall have laser engraved brand name, serial number, model number and QR Code from the OEM. The nozzle shall meet NFPA 1964 Standards and shall be CE certified to EN15182. The weight of the nozzle shall be less than 3 Kgs.
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Gun Metal 63mm MI x 19mm Shank Reducer
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