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Foam fire extinguishers can be used on Class A and B fires. They are most suited to extinguishing liquid fires such as petrol or diesel and are more versatile than water jet extinguishers because they can also be used on solids such as wood and paper.

AFFF Mechanical Foam 9Ltr Fire Extinguisher -ISI- Kanex
KANEX 9 ltr. Mechanical Foam stored pressure type Fire Extinguisher filled with AFFF Foam confirms to IS 4989 (Part-II). Applicable fire class A & B, UTGS Pressure Gauge, Gross Weight 12 Kg, empty weight 4.3 Kg, Can Height 575mm, Diameter 180 ± 10mm, Discharge Time 35 Sec, Controllable discharge mechanism, Jet Range 7 Meters, Average Discharge is 95%, Fire Rating- 4A:144B, Can Construction : Deep drawn & CO2 Mig welded, Controllable discharge mechanism with EPDM Hose & Air aspirated Nozzle, External Pure polyester powder coated (UV resistant) and Internal Plastic lining, Brass forged valves with safety Pin is of SS material, Sheet metal thickness : 2 mm, As pe IS 15683:2018 and ISI Marked.
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