They are placed where notices are published. This notice is compulsory in all workplaces, next to fire alarm call points, in areas where employees can access them. Our safety signs have fire extinguisher signs, equipment signs, assembly signs, instruction signs, exit signs, action signs, and door signs.

AUTO GLOW Signage On 3mm Foam Sheet

- Photo-luminescent Safety Sign and from BlueBeems are designed for use in all
emergency sign and marking applications requiring excellent retained

- Made from photo-luminescent vinyl, they have excellent properties for outdoor
durability and suitable for graphics on emergency equipment and exit signs and
are long-lasting both in terms of afterglow and life cycle. The visual life of the
photoluminescent glow is 1 hour and meets the luminosity requirements of DIN-
67510 PI.

- Suitable for both internal and external use, the BlueBeems safety signs are
photo luminescent vinyl with a clear, permanent acrylic adhesive.
- The signs can be produced to your specifications in terms of graphics and size.

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