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CI 80mm Foot Valve-Ball Type - NORMAX Make
New generation valve with unique and non-conventional design.
This valve is offered in one side threaded and other side strainer design.
Suitable for a very wide range of applications like slurry, sewage, paper,
chemical, water supply, agriculture, muddy water, slurry, paper stock,
viscous liquid and clear water. Robust and very simple mechanism.
A floating reinforced rubber coated ball is used instead of hinge-pin-disc.
Highly sensible to arrest flow with perfect sealing. Very low head loss .
Non clogging and self cleaning mechanism .
Installation can be vertically or horizontally. Operates silently upto 80 oC
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Hot Oil Steam Protection Suit (FIRE RETARDANT TYPE)
Chemical industries, Oil gas, Cement industries, also can be use for pressure steam application.
- Coat & pant is made of Aramid coated based material.
- The GSM of the outer shell fabric 750gsm2 (+/-50 g/m2)
- The fabric will offer protection against hot liquid splash -
Tempratur 350 deg C.
- The color of the fabric is black.
- The suit is designed in coat, pant & hood with poly carbonate visor
-Throughout the garment's manufacturing, FR thread is employed
- The hood is provided with two fastening arrangements to hold the hood firmly on the head
- Gloves is designed to give maximum comfort with high level of protection five finger protection, Length of gloves is 14"
- Shoe cover is designed to offer the user complete protection with maximum comfort, Shoe cover is provided with three fastening arrangement for better fit and comfort

Fabric is tested & certified to
EN 11612, ISO 15025 & 388, ISO 9151, ISO 6942
ISO 6530, ISO 17493, ISO 13937-2.

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SS 100mm MI X 100mm FBSP Adaptor
SS 100mm Male Instantaneous X 100mm Female BSP threaded Adaptor
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SS 100mm FI X 100mm FBSP Threaded Adaptor
SS 100mm Female Instantaneous X 100mm Female BSP Threaded Adaptor (SS 304)
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